Ada, 2010 an iconic print by Alex Katz is prominently featured in the "Alex Katz Prints Catalogue RaisonnĂ©, 1947-2011."  Ada, a Japanese Woodblock, was printed by hand the traditional Ukiyo-e way with hand milled inks from the finest pigments by Master Printer Christopher Creyts.  Christopher studied in Japan at the Nagoya GaiDai and went to Kyoto to seek guidance and lessons from Tadashi Toda.  Blue Flags, 2014 was also printed by hand the traditional Ukiyo-e way by Christopher. 

Collaborative Art Editions is on Art Space!  Prints by Matthew Day Jackson and Alex Katz are featured. Visit our page here.

Collaborative Art Editions participated in the 2015 EAB Fair in New York City November 5-8.  New works featured were by Matthew Day Jackson, Alex Katz and Jill Moser.  The response was phenomenal with collectors and museums acquiring the new works.


Collaborative art editions

Alex Katz, Blue Flags, 2014